About Us: About GGWEB Loans

 Welcome to GGWEB Loans

XXX is known company that is handling the Guarantor loans for the people of UK and France as well. We are registered and certified company with the registered offices in UK and France.  The company is registered and has the authority to process the guarantor loans to the residents and people in need. The company is registered under the license no 001852 and we are registered and regulated under the ACT ________ in UK and Act _______ in France. Thus we ensure that we work under the legal and regulatory author and ensure that we feel safe and legalized during their financial transactions with us. In order to check the credit history of the customers we are affiliated with _________ and they provide us the credit score and background history about the guarantor and borrower records as well.

We believe on work ethics and transparency and ensure that our customers are pleased to have a business with us. In this regard we issue the loan as per the credit worth and the affordability of the customer. We give them the clear directions and hands on knowledge about the processing time, documentations, time frame for repayment, APR and even inform them about the legal complications scenarios as well. These all characteristics of the company make people trust on us and that is the reason they approach us multiple times. Our guarantor loans enterprise to be the liable and the translucent financial service activity; it enables the customers and the borrower to support us and make other people realize that if their needs can be fulfilled then they can mark as the leading lender in the market.

Operated under the legal acts we work on the fair business rules and same kind of action we expect from our customers. We give the loan ranging from £200 to £25,000 and yet important to note that this depends on the net worth of the borrower; which is the final authority of the bank/lending institute.  The tenure for our guarantor loan is flexible as well. If you are resident of UK and France and is above 18 years and have a guarantor who is between 21 to 71 with the strong credit history and willingness to support you then with the proof of their credit records, income and with their residence records; they can reach us at any point of time. If you meet the criteria for the loan and the given amount is as per your worth and repayment capacity t you can take it happily.

Further tot this in case of any confusion or ambiguity they can reach our service team. Our team is always there to assist you and their swift response will make you a happy customer. We operate between 9-5 Monday to Friday, you can call us at _____________ or drop us an email _____________. Contact on our registered office address_______________ in UK and ________ In France. For more details please visit our website ___________